Rachael Silver’s Album Launch Party campaign

Rachael Silver is an acoustic singer songwriter born in Israel, living in the UK. She has recorded 2 albums, last one is called “Songs From The Sofa” and is a mixture of soulful ballads and dance tunes. It took a long time for Rachael to realise her dream of producing her debut album “Songs From A Sofah”. Now is the time to promote it with a live band and start selling copies. Rachael launched her Indiegogo project, to raise money for a project:


Listen to one of her beautiful songs:



“Steve, Matt and Mog founded MDT in 2008 and they released their debut record “The Crayon Masterpiece” EP in December 2009. They then played plenty of exciting live shows, had a Sky TV appearance and got their music played on some programming output of the BBC and ITV. Which brought them into 2012 and the making of their debut LP “Captatio Benevolentiae” with Cesar Gimeno Lavin (Modest Mouse, White Lies, Guillemots). It was released in October 2012 to critical acclaim.” (Source: Facebook)

Check them out http://www.facebook.com/motorcycledisplayteam

Scout Room – T-RO

Hailing from Miami, FL, T-Ro is the new independent music voice, bringing the future of rap music to your world. Managed by Miami A&R Of Music @BigG305, T-Ro describes himself as a “quickly growing name in Rap, who devoted his innate talents to Hip-Hop”. He sums up his journey in words: “From the gridiron to the microphone”. T-Ro has a rare ability to blend underground rap flow with mainstream hip-hop sound. Track “Same Mistake” is a vivid example of his talent to smash all different music world into one T-Ro world. Perfect radio song, and raw “take-no-prisoners” tune at the same time.

Follow him on Twitter @TroHipHop

Scouting Room: TONE EYEFUL

Tone Eyeful, New Haven based rapper, compiled his first unofficial mixtape “Crown Street King” in May of 2010. He released two more mixtapes during the summer and fall of 2010, “The Next Chapter” and “Blow My Mind”. On February 2011 his mixtape titled “Mister New Haven” came to light. Since then, Tone has went on to put out “Tone Tuesdays Vol. 1”, “1000 Gramz of Rare Talent”, “Tone Tuesdays Vol. 2”, and his 5th official and most recent project “Cardiac Arrest”. I would describe this mixtape as a hip hop on fire. Tone takes no prisoners, he just does his rap thing, and do it well. Tone Eyez is one of the most talented new rappers in the world. He has what B.o.B and Kanye West don’t.

DOWNLOAD TONE’S NEW MIXTAPE ‘CARDIAC ARREST’ FREE on Datpiff http://www.datpiff.com/Tone-Eyeful-Cardiac-Arrest-mixtape.416022.html

Scouting Room: JESSICA BROWN

When it comes to music, there are those that sing from the heart and there are those that sing from the soul. Jessica Brown is someone that epitomizes both. Suffering from her stuttering problem as a child, Jessica faced communication hurdles at a young age. Through her discovery of music, she found her form of expression while installing a passion that contines to grow stronger each day.

Jessica has recently worked with P-Diddy’s vocal guru, ANKH RA, who is known to work with some of the leading vocal performers in the world. Additionally, her extensive training has led her to collaborate on her new album at famed Milwaukee based “THE EXCHANGE RECORDING COMPLEX” with producer Nicole Waters and leading bass player and studio owner Joe Puerta, known for his work with AMBROSIA.

As a student of Vocal Performance, and active with the music department during her collegiate career at Chicago’s famed Columbia College, Jessica has lead performances in musicals like “A Christmas Carol.” Jessica was selected for the prestigious “Singer’s Showcase,” which highlights the top singers and vocalists at Columbia College.

In the community, Jessica performs and collaborates with many local and national artist. Her work with Chicago based hip-hop and pop artist Robbie B, has lead her to team up with former Chicago Bears running back Antoineo Harris’ foundation. “It’s not just music to me, it is a way of life. I could not imagine my life without music. I want to share this with the next generation as their inspiration and drive to get over there own personal struggles like I was able to as a child.”

Jessica released her debut solo album “From The Beginning” featuring her single, “Be Here Now” in May 2012. It is now available on CdBaby, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

Jessica is currently in the studio working on her newest album, set to be released by the end 2013.

For more information on Jessica Brown visit http://www.jessicabrownmusic.net

Scouting Room: ANNA LOMBARD

ANNA LOMBARD is Portland-based singer/songwriter, with a flair for pop, soul & blues. Her debut album, Head Full Of Bells, is a powerful meditation on love, loss and ultimately, redemption. Drawing influence from artists such as Aimee Mann and Susan Tedeschi, Head Full Of Bells introduces Lombard as a gifted young singer of impressive strength. On this debut solo effort, Lombard offers intense, emotive and immediately engaging vocal performances that range from the tender, whispered pleas of Confessions Of A Werewolf to the thunderous, cathartic finale of All For You, Head Full Of Bells is an exhilarating ride that captivates from start to finish. Sharing stages with the likes of John Fogerty, Ray Lamontagne, and Guster, Anna Lombard’s live performance gives passionate life to her studio precision and never fails to generate an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. A magnetic presence of undeniable charisma, Lombard possesses a heart, soul and swagger that make her not only someone to hear but something to experience. Head Full of Bells will be available on iTunes, bandcamp, and at all Bull Moose locations by August 2013, and Lombard is currently booking dates for a Fall 2013 tour, in support of her album. Check back frequently for added tour dates! http://www.annalombard.com