New Music Fever presents: Miriam Luna

Hailing from Barcelona, singer songwriter and pianist Miriam Luna, with voice like an angel. I love her songs, especially her version of “Parole”. Here you can listen to cover “Stand By Me” with some beatboxing and nice freestyling. Enjoy! Follow Miriam at


“The Things I’ve Seen” – Debut EP from Sarah Jane Jones

Sarah Jane Jones is an acoustic singer songwriter from Barnsley, UK. Few days ago she released a debut EP called “The Things I’ve Seen” and it’s a 5 track EP, all songs are original (and “Blessed With A Curse” is not a cover of Bring Me The Horizon song). Songs are very melodic, and very folkish, reminding me Laura Marling and Birdy. Also for fans of Dido, Ed Sheeran and Passenger.

Download for free:

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“I have a voice and this is my story” – Interview with Pittsburgh rapper Choze

Chris “Choze” Jaeger was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. His music has been well received in Pittsburgh, getting radio play on top Pittsburgh stations and in the major clubs. Choze has expanded outside of the Pittsburgh region, performing in Houston, Miami, L.A, San Diego, Philadelphia and Chicago. He has worked with national recording artists such as Ja Rule, Flo-Rida, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Run DMC, Talib Kweli and others, performing for thousands of spectators. I spoke with him about his passion to rap and breakdance, fans, haters, dreams, and his new track and upcoming album.


Piotr Balkus: You are a rapper, but you started off as a streetdancer. What made you switched from dance to the music?

Choze: I actually didn’t switch, I was always into both. Through my life I have always been doing both, certain people just knew of me to be doing one or the other depending on who that person was or how they knew me.

– Your Facebook page states that when you were 5 years old, you already knew that hip-hop is gonna be the part of your life. Tell us please how 5 years old boy did find a hip-hop fate?

I grew up in a music house hold. My mother used to sing, and all her brothers played instruments, and I always loved to dance and imitate moves and voices. So I was just always doing it, no matter where I would be. I also think that’s where a lot of the good music comes from, the 80′s and 90′s.

– I’d like to ask you about your new song “I’m Back”. What’s the meaning behind this song?

Well, I’ve been here for a while and I don’t plan on going anywhere. So just me saying that I’m here whether you like it or not and just giving people a little bit about me simplified. I think they’ll get it (Laughter).

– Please tell me about your new album coming this fall on the imprint TMG Music Group, what was the inspiration to record it?

People should expect a fun album, great for the club and getting pumped up! The inspiration was to just put out the kind of music I like which is uptempo kind of popish and club. That’s me and there is gonna be more of it. Trust me.

– Where fans will be able to see it and purchase one?

It will be in some stores, not sure exactly on all locations at the moment in time, but will closer to the time of release. But I know it will be on iTunes for sure and probably some other places where digital music is sold.

– Since Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and now Hardo have gotten singed to major labels, has this influenced more musicians to pursue their dreams in Pittsburgh?

I definitely believe that it has, because it is something that was close to people, witch was once something seemed so far fetched, now nearly seems in a grasp with hard work and dedication.

– Are you still chasing your dreams or you already are living your dream?

Well in part I am living the dream because I am doing what I want and love to do. But still chasing at the same time because I have not reached the pinnacles I have set for myself and I know there is more work to be done.

– If I have to describe your music in one word, I would say: brave. Your self confidence shines through your records. Where did you get it from?

I would say through God and everyone and thing around me. To all the supporters, the family, the haters and the people that say or said I would and will never make it. It all adds and comes together to make it what it is.

– Are you and your music better from other rappers, or just different?

I don’t want to say better or worse, everyone has different opinions on what they like and what they want to hear or think is good. I do think Im different in away, I don’t think there is that many people who come from where I do, that write the kind of music I do with the same feel. But also everyone grab a little influence here and there from something or someone.

– For many rappers music is an escape. What does music mean to you?

I’m not sure if it’s an escape for me… Maybe at times it can be, but also it is something that is just a love for me and a passion. Something that was put in me since I was young. I have a voice and this is my story. People will hear and be touched.

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