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So our guest of the week is German based blogger Vanessa, creator of House In The Sand blog. She picked around 20 favorite songs to feature on our music station, New Music Fever TV. You can watch her picks on Sunday 1st December, in a programme called SHOTCALLER, on the channel here Sunday, 5pm UK time (6pm German time) here

House In The Sand is a source for good music. A music blog with the mission to promote every kind of musician. From unsigned to self made to Grammy winner. From folk to rock to electronic. Written by a journalism student and music fan. I don’t only want to be a supporter but a friend for musicians to get true talent the recognition that’s deserved!
In our Sunday programme you will here music from Jim Kroft, Martin and James, Gabrielle Aplin, The Arkanes, The Box Tiger, Elvis Presley, Tom Odell and many more!



Sophia, Lucy, Becky and Lisa are Vanquish, the UK’s most exciting new girl band. They are four bright, independent, funny and talented young (18 to 21 years old) girls from across the UK. Their edgy pop sound is unbelievably catchy and effortlessly cool with tracks written with some of the world’s top writers and production outfits, ensuring that Vanquish are setting the benchmark for the new era of girl band pop. Having spent the last year touring venues and events across the UK,  Vanquish have worked with some of the biggest names in pop including The Wanted, Amelia Lily, Rachel Adedeji, Blue and Loveable Rogues to name just a few. With performances featuring tight RnB pop harmonies, energetic choreography and in-your-face, no-nonsense attitude, Vanquish have built up a hugely loyal and devoted fan base around the world proving that great British pop tracks speak an international language no matter where you live. (Source:

See how girls covered James Arthur, Katy Perry, Icona Pop, Rihanna and Taylor Swift:

(You can also watch Vanquish’s videos on New Music Fever TV


“Never swamp people with preaching” – Interview with Ben Wiles from punk band The 4130’s

The 4130s are a punk rock band from Ipswich UK, playing socially aware music they work with the ethic of DIY and having fun. In the short time since their inception they have played with the likes of UK Subs and Anti Vigilante. With an energetic live show and an album free to download/stream, they show no signs of slowing down! I spoke to Ben Wiles from the band, about punk music in XXI century, being “against” and their new album “Over The Bars”…

Piotr Balkus: Some people say that punk is dead. But listening to your music it looks like it’s not true…

Ben Wiles: Punk is never going to be dead! The same thing happens to punk rock as happens to every other genre, it becomes ‘mainstream popular’ for however long the kids decide it’s ‘cool’. For example, no punk band struggled to get shows when Green Day came out with Dookie then American Idiot, or in 1977, but after all the hype of those records has gone punk rock just goes back into its comfort of the underground and continues to form great bands with fans from the most loyal music buyers in the world. 2013 has seen a revival of sorts with Pennywise, Bad Religion and NOFX all releasing great records!

On the cover of your album there is a picture of people protesting and screaming your band’s name. What’s the meaning of the picture?

The picture is tongue in cheek, one sign says ‘the 4130s stole my bike’ and the other says ‘the 4130s hurt my feelings’. We wanted the cover to represent what we do as a band, all though we talk about some heavy issues at times, we also know how to kick back and have a laugh! Our goal is to never swamp people with a record full of preaching. It’s just basically saying here’s what we think. If you agree – great. If not, that’s fine too!

Tell me please about your album Over The Bars.

We chose to release a full LP as our first outing because we didn’t think a demo or EP would really cut what we wanted to do as a whole. We needed something to put out because all though a few of us in the band are, and have been, in other bands before this, and are known on the local scene we couldn’t just rely on that alone to get us gigs. We put out a few internet songs on download or whatever, but as for our first release we wanted “Over The Bars” to be the first thing people hear from us!

Punk music is generally “against”. What is your band against?

We as people and a band feel strongly about the message we try to convey in our music. OK it’s not as prominent as some bands but our stance on world and personal issues comes through somewhere or somehow in all our songs. It’s just not enough anymore to say “fuck the ______”, or ‘this is wrong or that is wrong’, so as a band we try to delve as deep into an issue as we can, to patronise a listener with just shouting some anti-current government chat doesn’t sit well with us. For example a young guy with an alcoholic father or a young mother working the streets to feed her child is way more ‘political’ than any song about the government in our eyes!

THE 4130's album
More about the album:

The stand out song from the album is “Give Em War”, can you tell us more about the song?

It’s probably my favorite song on the album to be honest, the roots of that song are from a 16 year old girl from where we are from in Ipswich, who gave up her time to put on an anti-racism gig and the venue was shut down and the gig was postponed due to some members of the E.D.L. (English Defence League) protesting outside. Give Em War is not a song to poke at them or to create any sort of platform to speak out against them, it’s merely just a way to say we are Englishmen and the stuff they stand for is so far removed from the way we think. Most of this country are proud to embrace other cultures and live hand in hand in every city in the UK. That’s what we believe and stand for!

Your lyrics are “socially aware”. Do people need someone who show them the real meaning of some things? Do you think your band can change people’s mind?

In short, no. We just tell a story the best way we can. If someone relates to something we say in a song and it helps him or her feel better about the views they have, then that’s great. I guess to think a group of punk guys from a tiny town with no impact can change minds, would be naive at best!

Do you believe that punk music in XXI century can change the world? Do you believe your music can do that?

I believe all music has the potential for change. Listening to songwriters growing up isn’t what shaped the way I live my life, but it certainly helped mould some of my beliefs and I can bet I’m not the only one, so yes I believe it can. In answer to your question can The 4130s change the world – no, probably never. And I’m not sure any of us are responsible enough or would feel comfortable enough with that much power. We’ll leave that to Bono (laughter). But if one person buys the album and decides punk rock is the music he or she finds a place in, and where their ideals fit with a community of people that feel the same way they do then that would be the best compliment we could ever hope for!

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It’s competition time! Win Rachael Silver’s mp3 album “Songs From The Sofah”

Rachael Silver is an acoustic singer songwriter born in Israel, living in the UK. She has recorded 2 albums, last one is called “Songs From The Sofah” and is a mixture of soulful ballads and dance tunes. More about her music:

For a chance to win digital version of Rachael’s new album, answer the question about New Music Fever TV where you can see the video to her song “Sexy Shoes”:

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Princess Nyah I Princess Diaries I Series 1

Have you seen the brand new vlog series, ‘Princess Diaries’ brought to you by Princess Nyah. In a series of honest diaries that will be released weekly, Princess Nyah will give you an insight into certain events that have taken shape in her life.The first vlog is based on rehearsing and the work ,the antics that go on behind the scenes before and after a gig. Princess Nyah gives you glimpses of her own character away from her music/business side. The second vlog shows how laid back her character is while with friends, practising skateboarding and her rehearsing at Wembley arena!

Episode 1;

    Princess Nyah I Princess Diaries I Series 1 – Episode 1 I Rehearsal I

    In a series of Vlogs Princess Nyah brings to you a very rough, honest diary of events that have taken shape in her life. The self managed artist shares never seen before footage and gives you an honest take on how she was feeling at the time.  To listen to this song visit

    In a series of vlogs Princess Nyah brings you a very rough, honest diary of events that have taken shape in her life. The self managed artist shares never seen before footage and gives you an honest take on how she was feeling at the time.  Sticky full track – @princessnyah