New Music Fever TV presents: SHOTCALLER with special guest, Boulent Mustafa

What’s up? This Friday’s New Music Fever TV Shotcaller’s guest, Boulent Mustafa, music blogger from blog Oceanic Blue Below you can find 20 songs he recommends for us. On Friday evening, 21.12.2013, at 7.00 pm UK time, you will have a chance to see all videos on our channel New Music Fever TV

Boulent’s favorites:

1) Bristol Singer/Songwriter @_natalieholmes – Child

2) London Based Singer/Songwriter @ellamariemusic – Diamonds –

3) Scandinavian soul sensation Marie Dahlstrøm @mariedmusic – Love Song by Rihanna Ft Future – Recently released an EP – Gloom

4) London Based Singer/Songwriter @laurenaquilina – Sinners –

5) London Based Cover Singer/Songwriter @mel_syl – Somewhere We Only Know

6) Recently formed Indie Rock Band El Born – @elbornband – Kangaroo –

7) London Based Singer/Songwriter @ashtonforde – Like I Love You –

8) Glaswegian Singer/Songwriter @holly_drummond – These Four Walls –

9) Progressive Pop Duo Death In Texas @deathintexas – Sonic Switchblade –

10) Singer/Songwriter Jess King – (FB – Someone Who Wants Me – Recently released her debut EP

11) Talented Musical newcomer Jasmine Thompson @tantrumjas – Run –

12) American Pop Duo Sina Lloyd and Buddy Greenfield – Karma (Boom Boom Pow) –

13) Talented Musical Double Act Marbl @marblmusic – In The Grey –

14) Talented Singer/Songwriter Will Sid Smith @willsidsmith – Dear Diary –

15) Talented Musician/Songwriter Charlene Soraia – @CharleneSoraia – Without Your Love

16) Talented Kenya Based Singer/Songwriter Melissa de Blok @melissadeblok – Take You Home

17) Established Soul Singer Joss Stone – Headturner –

18) Australian based Singer/Songwriter Katie J White @KatieJWhite1 – Fire In My Belly –

19) Australian based Singer/Songwriter Aylin Eser @aylin_eser – Dolls and Trolls –

20) London based Singer/Songwriter E.B.R.U @ebruofficial – Mad – – Following the release of her debut single in July 2012, she is busy working on an EP and album which scheduled for release in 2014.



The Importance of Artist Development

So what exactly is artist development?

Artist development is the taking of raw, unaltered and sometimes unknown talent and moulding it into what you see on TV and hear on radio.

The process can take years as almost nobody becomes an overnight success. Artists like Leona Lewis, Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have been in development for years and years to get where they have reached.

So why is artist development so important?

Thirty years back, artist development was a process a record label would invest huge amounts of cash in. Lots of money and time was available for new talent and record companies could afford to take a punt on developing talent. In the present day, money is tighter and expectations of artists for immediate returns are higher so record labels are seeking ‘readymade’ talent. They are all after the finished product so to speak and so this is why artist development is so important.

Powerstudio and The London Artist Development (L.A.D.) Programme

London Artist Development (L.A.D.), based at London recording studio ‘Powerstudio’ is committed to supporting talented UK artists through artistic and product development to maximise their potential for commercial success.

L.A.D. is the brainchild of CEO and Head Producer at Powerstudio – Benny D.

“We offer a balanced approach to developing great songs, artistic skills and product marketing. Our services include vocal & performance coaching, music & video production, and online marketing media.”

A short bullet point list of what you can expect from the London Artist Development programme is detailed below:

•Defining your skill

•Develop live performance

•Developing your studio sound

•Recording and songwriting

•Image/Style consultancy

•Interview techniques

•Mentoring and direction

•Promo photo, Biography, EPK

•Online and Media development
•Continual professional development

Such names as The Puppini Sisters, Jaz Ellington, Frankie Cocozza, Alice Fredenham, Andrea Magee, Kye Sones, Max Milner and Simon J Bailey have successfully taken part or continue to develop with Powerstudio. It’s no coincidence some of these artists have been signed to major labels and have taken part in some of the biggest shows on TV, radio and the stage.

Powerstudio continues to work with Music Crowns and have their own A&R team to headhunt talent from across the World.

To find out more visit the L.A.D. website via

Introducing Essex DJs Funkbox Productions

If you have ever wanted to put on an event you will know exactly how stressful finding entertainment is and ensuring that entertainment shows up! Let me introduce you to Essex DJs – Funkbox Productions.

Funkbox have been established for over 10-15 years in the respect that all their DJs have got that vast amount experience and in the last 10 years have come together to formulate an all-in-one unit that provides DJs from all different genres with DJs in Essex and DJs in London, meaning there is always cover for your event if illness, transport or equipment disasters occur. You can rest at ease knowing Funkbox Productions have your back and will ensure the party goes off with a bang! Whether that be a corporate event, birthday party, kids party, Christmas do or if you need wedding DJs in Essex!

The Funkbox team have not only infiltrated the club, pub and bar scene, holding many residences across Essex and London, but have now also begun being booked for festival slots – appearing with The Cuban Brothers and Jocelyn Brown to name a few special names. Wait, there’s more! Funkbox Productions also run an annual Funkboat Trip around the River Thames with nearly 200 revellers partying away on the boat’s deck last time around (next year will be the seventh annual). Funkbox can even provide masters of ceremony, after dinner speakers, marquees and tents, catering, security staff, DJ equipment hire, venue hire, singers, musicians, entertainers and decoration using the in-house creative team.

As you can see, Funkbox Productions are an incredible outfit with a lot to offer your event.

To get in touch with them:
Twitter: @FunkboxPro

“African PSY” is about to hit the world with his new smash hit “It’s Bubblin”

Hailing from Cameroon, new pop sensation Winenus is about to hit the world with his new song “It’s Bubblin”. The tune has a potential to become new “Gangnam Style”, with catchy melody and funny and original video. Winenus himself is a mixture of different music styles, from Michael Jackson, Outkast to Will I Am and Lil Wayne, but his originality and freshness shine through his music. Watch the video to “It’s Bubblin” below:

Winenus music aims to putting smile on people faces round the world.

You can buy his songs on  iTunes:

You can also watch his new video on NEW MUSIC FEVER TV

Listen to his other songs and follow him at


For Booking Contact Manager :Lill de Hahn at 0046-725 75 05 40 or go to Winenus Homepage:

+23778835622 or email at or chat with winenus at

WINENUS on Austrialian site

WINENUS on UK mix tape


American Hip-Hop Artist Starts New Religion

American born Hip-Hop Artist has recently announced via YouTube that he is starting a new religion. “Chetism” as he calls it, seems to be about living a carefree, fun and abundant life. Making such a statement is a very bold move. Jordan York, or “Chet” as his followers call him, currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He has a large catalog of music and a respectable fan base. He’s always releasing new material and has plans on making a movie and writing a book. But his new video is something I’ve never seen from him before… I wasn’t even sure if he was serious. I talked to Jordan York on the phone and asked about this “New” religion. Just like in his video, he didn’t answer many questions and if anything he raised a few new ones. I asked him to explain or describe the religion to me and his reply was pretty basic. “This is who I am, I know I’m not perfect, but the way I’m trying to live is in peace and I want to promote that.” OK sounds great but what’s the religion? He quickly changed the subject then ended the conversation.

I couldn’t help but to watch the video a few times, to try and grasp it, but that seemed nearly impossible. Currently Jordan claims to have 25 confirmed “Chetists” and another 42 pledging to be a “Chetist”. Jordan wouldn’t disclose the pledging process. Maybe I just don’t get it, maybe it’s not for me… or maybe I’m wrong and it is something great. What I do know is that I am very curious to see what happens with “Chetism” and where Jordan York, as an artist, goes from here. Watch Chetism on youtube You can also watch the video on New Music Fever TV


WhirlPools on iTunes WhirlPools on iTunes
Twitter: @JordanYorkMusic