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DEDICATION – Interview with new hot rapper BIG-K

Accomplished performer and enthusiastic emcee, BIG-K THA OFFICIAL brings the San Francisco Bay Area business mentality to the DMWV. Summer 2014 brings his upcoming EP “Unplugged” that features hit singles “I Tried” and “Clap”. With cameos from Maryland’s own Lady Explicit, Ayo KidClassic, Remy and more, BIG-K has founded OneWay Ent1020 East in West Virginia. Branch label providing music from Cali to the East Coast. Under his label OneWay Ent1020 East, Big-K has released “Always On My Grind” and “Against All Odds” in 2012 and 2013. Big-K has also worked with various artist across the nation and has been loved by music fans world-wide. Along his journey as an Independent Artist, Big-K has opened for BrickSquad Monopoly and MayBach Music Group and can now be heard on D.J. Konvict’s mixtape “Trap Talk 1” with the one and only Ace Hood. Big-K can also be heard on DJ Tearz upcoming mixtape “We On Da Rise”… (Source: Reverbnation)

There are many rappers in the USA. What makes you stand out from the crowd?
The fact that my music is a reflection of life. I write about experiences in my life, things I’ve been through and things I’ve seen. When you listen to my music you will be able to relate one way or another, we all have our stories and I express mine through music so that it may help or touch someone listening.

Your songs are like stories you tell. Is your music a story of your life?
Yes, my music is full of stories. I paint pictures in my lyrics, that include my life events. You hear my struggle, my triumph, ups and downs, and most of all you will hear my love for music. I put everything into the music giving you nothing short of 100 percent dedication.

Whats your view on underground and mainstream music? Do you like mainstream rap music?
I see the difference in underground compared to mainstream music as being untainted. Independent artists bleed out there soul on track, giving you their hard work and time and above all it’s done without major monetary backing. We don’t do this for the money but for the recognition and respect. The rest will follow. There are many talented underground artists with better music than some mainstream artists. I feel that mainstream music is focused on profit rather than quality. Where can they get the most income from, who can give them the most out of their products, and regardless of the message the artist is promoting to the audience of any age group. Not saying that an independent artist shouldn’t chase the dream of banking a recording contract if that’s what they wish. Just realize that there is a difference in the quality of music that is put out between the two. And yes, there are some underground artists that are using mainstream as their blueprint to success, but remember that has already been done can be imitated but not duplicated. Build your own brand and make your own name. Image is everything.

Does the place you live in inspires you in any way?
Here in the DMWV there are many artists that are extremely talented and I have been fortunate to work some. What inspires me out of this area is the dedication that artists put into this music. For some it’s about competition and for most it’s about the love for the craft. Regardless of what may fuel the next man there is always something that inspires you to keep reaching towards the next level. Seeing other underground artists just as hungry and talented doing what they do and to be in the same ballpark as relevant artists is also inspiring.

Which artists you respect and value the most?
The artists that work more than talk. Everyone claims to be a rapper and anyone can get behind a mic and put some words together. But the business is what I look at, what is this artist doing that shows he/she values their craft. Some of the artist I respect and value in the DMWV area are Tha Reason, Remy, Mossburg Duck, Vino Bandz, and the whole 2H2H camp, B.O.A. (Bars of Anatomy), Jay Mizzle. Also have to name OneWay Ent1020 and Solidarity Records in the San Francisco Bay Area. and a few others. Work ethic, content, and consistency are what makes artists stand out from others.

You released album last year. Tell us more about the record.
Last summer I released my 3rd cd “Against All Odds” which depicted a rough time in my life. A lot of emotion was put into it and I gave you a look into it on tracks such as: Ride With Me, You Gotta, and The Grind. I also wanted to show that even though life threw a mean curveball nothing will hold me back, as you can hear on I Do Me. My video for “You Gotta got lots of positive feedback as it being my first official music video, it was up for criticism. I worked with artists outside of the DMWV area such as Yung Deem from California and Larry Belllyfat from Florida. My last album showed me that no matter where in life you may be, never stop or quit your dreams. It’s harder to pick back up than work through it once you take the time off.

Any new music on the way? Is it gonna be as good as your recent stuff?
I am releasing my 4th cd “Unplugged” due out July 8th, 2014. This project is definitely something different than what you are used to hearing from Big-K. I titled this one “Unplugged” because I felt that I needed to bring a style that would raise eyebrows and leave the audience pleasantly surprised. My first single off this project, “I Tried” was released in February and is available for download on iTunes and With the success of that release I am confident that the rest of this album will have something for everyone on it. Unplugged will feature artists such as Ayo KidClassic, Remy, Lady Explicit, and Neptune Nigel.

Do you dream big? Whats your music dream?
I dream of success. I dream about lots of things. One thing I do know is that I am in control of my dreams. The reason I will make it or fail is all on me. My music dream is to be able to reach a wide audience of listeners. Allowing my music to make an impact or a change in someone life means everything. Im not too worried about striking it rich, cashing in off of music because I know that if I chase my dreams and keep it 100 with ya’ll the rest will fall into place

Thank you and good luck.

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FIRE – Interview with Choze

A few months back we featured Pittsburgh’s Bad Boy Choze on our site to discuss his upcoming album and a little about his background. Because of the success of this post, we brought Choze back for another interview to discuss his brand new single, “Fire”.

So, Choze what have you been up to since our last interview?

I have been very busy actually, I took a trip to Tokyo, Japan. I filmed a music video over there to a song titled “We Own The Night” . Apart from that recently sign a distribution deal with TMG and have a new self titled album dropping under them on March 4th! Keeping busy also ww have been filming a visual to every song on the album witch we think is uniquely different and will surely keep the people interested.

Okay, so do you see things inching closer to a bigger plathform meaning maybe national exposure soon?

I do and we as a team believe and hope so. Now with slowly building a buzz and fan base in Japan, we will keep pushing there as well as in the U.S. already having a few feature in the U.K. as well. So we are really working right now. Planning to tour as well sometime soon.

So, tell us a little about the single, “Fire”?

I think “Fire” is and overall good record with feeling and emotion with something to say, but also has a good club feel that kind of just makes like “Uggghh” and bob your head.

In “Fire” you sound a little more aggressive than your other songs, where you trying to make a statement?

At that time I just felt a certain way about a lot of different things that were going on in that particular time in my life, and just felt somethings I needed to get off my chest.

Tell me a little about the concept behind the video?

The concept behind the video was kind of like a gritty feel with dark colors, industrial look with some fire and pyro in it.

So, what next for Choze at this point?

Just non stop work, more music more videos and look out for a tour and Choze coming your way!