Makala Cheung releases new single TAKE ME

If you are fed up with cheesy mainstream radio music and need some sounds which cleanse off your ears and soul, then you have to check out Makala Cheung’s new song “Take Me”.

This Bristol based artist is releasing her new single “Take Me”, out August 18th. The single follows her debut album called “River” released earlier on this year. With her dark eclectic electronica tune, Makala takes us to her colourful world of mysterious sound, very edgy and modern. You could listen to this song next to Tinie Tempah, Depeche Mode, The XX or even Radiohead and you can feel the same aura and arty vibe.

The cool thing about “Take Me” and Makala’s music in general is its experimental braveness. It’s kinda the HD of music, with all different styles and undertones of Makala’s Chinese culture. The listener doesn’t know exactly where the artist will take him but knows for sure that the path leads to a land worth being discovered. Get ready to be entwined into something indescribably beautiful. Try for yourself. Take it!

Makala Cheung – Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Live band
‘RIVER’ ft in Bristol Live’s ‘albums of the month’ is out now

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