Static In Verona is a project created by Chicago based artist Rob Merz. His new album “Odd Anthem” will be out late August this year.

The album sounds like a collective work. But, surprisingly, only one person is responsable for the whole thing. I’d describe “Odd Anthem” as a mixture of very melodic indie pop and shoegaze rock. Some of the songs remind me a bit of Placebo (“Heavy Hands”, “Forgetful”), Coldplay (“Shudder To Think”) or even Deacon Blue (“Anyone Anymore”, the catchiest and the most radiofriendly song on the album).
Over all though it’s stuff which grows on you with every listen. Deeper you go, wider influences you hear. At some point it’s The Beach Boys kinda vibe (“Future Ghosts”) or even hints of The Beatles (“Blink”), with a modern touch of melodic emo rock. There’s no changes in Static In Verona’s style since album number one, so if you loved last two albums, you will also love this one.
Rob Merz doesn’t serve us easy-cheesy indie rock la-la-la’s. It’s not a soundtrack to making sandwiches. It’s very conscious piece of music, music strictly to listen, not to play in the background. Pleasureable, yes, but in a more artistic way.
If you are looking in music for a one night lover, this album is not for you. If you are looking for a bit longer relationship, then “Odd Anthem” should be a perfect choice.

“Odd Anthem” is out on 28th of August 2015.

Listen to “Anyone Anymore”, first available song from the album:


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