Based in Sheffield, UK. Signed by Croydon Boy Records, LA. Tiny Little Dancer takes us to her dreamy indie pop world. Her catchy melodies and freaky, infectious beats will make you feel good and make your legs feel like dancing. Check out her song “Great Escape”:


July is beautiful month. Especially when you have a pleasure to hear songs like that one, “The Silent Fall” by one and only (wow and only!) Daisy Clark. Another great original track from the young English singer/songwriter. I love this song, maybe even more than my fav to date, “Helicopters”… Have a listen. Heaven a listen 🙂


Celebrating English singer/songwriter Daisy Clark’s birthday we selected her best covers and original songs below, to give you a taster what  a great talent she is.

Happy Birthday Daisy, keep on rocking!

















THE BLACK DELTA MOVEMENT are a Hull band with a psychedelic garage sound and many different influences ranging from the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Paul Weller, The Small Faces and The Black Keys amongst others. They have supported The View, Drenge, Temples, Kaiser Chiefs, Shaun Ryder, The Stranglers, Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller) Twin Atlantic, The Moons, Twisted Wheel amongst others.

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I always found it very difficult to categorize my own music, which you are constantly asked to do when uploading to sites, submitting to radio or magazines etc., since it doesn’t really fit or belong into any particular genre, apart from being “Rock” music. So I came up with the slightly tongue-in-cheek description of Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Progressive Catchy Memorable Popular Rock, just to confuse everyone even more – says David J Caron, musician, composer and writer…

NEW MUSIC FEVER: – You are an Irish/Italian. Do you find any Irish/Italian influences/traces in your music?
I am generally influenced by every piece of music or song I hear, whether good or bad, whether I like it or love it. I think it all influences my subconsciousness when writing my own songs, whether it’s in a way that adds to my own compositions in a way I like, or in a way that I would not want to include in my music, which I feel is just as important. I don’t have any particular Irish or Italian influences in my music, at least not consciously, although I do like certain Irish and Italian musicians even though they may not be typical examples of Irish or Italian traditional music.

– You describe your music as Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Progressive Catchy Memorable Popular Rock. Do you think genres in music are still important?
I don’t place much importance or relevance on genre’s to be honest. I either like music or I don’t. It’s as simple as that to me. It doesn’t really interest me what “label” it is supposed to have, or what different people choose to call my music or anyone elses. I find it generally pointless and annoying to have to categorize music into thousands of sub-genres. I understand there may be a need to categorize in very broad terms, purely for the purpose of giving a general idea to someone or so as to not submit a Rock track to radio stations that only play Hip hop, for example, but other than that I don’t care what pigeon hole, someone’s opinion wants to put music into purely for their own obsessions. I don’t even understand what most genre descriptions even mean to be honest. I always found it very difficult to categorize my own music, which you are constantly asked to do when uploading to sites, submitting to radio or magazines etc., since it doesn’t really fit or belong into any particular genre, apart from being “Rock” music. So I came up with the slightly tongue-in-cheek description of Melodic Metamorphic Metaphoric Modern Progressive Catchy Memorable Popular Rock, just to confuse everyone even more.

– Your songs are very catchy but at the same time not cheesy. Progressive pop-rock – that’s how I would describe it. Do you find your songs progressive in any way?
Thank you. I like catchy music, so I design my music and songs to be as catchy as possible, so I like what I listen to when it’s finished. It’s a process of coming up with catchy ideas to fill all parts of the songwriting and arranging of the music. Then I listen and edit, removing any parts that are not catchy or memorably melodic enough until the whole track is of the same standard, at least to me, anyway. If any part is not as good as any other, then it is replaced with a part that is, until I feel the track is perfect – to me. I am not a fan of anything cheesy, predictable, overused or cliched, so I avoid it quite naturally without having to decide to. Again, I am not really sure what “Progressive” means. I know many bands who have been thought of or labelled as Progressive, but I am not sure how exactly you would define what makes a song progressive, or not. If it means experimental, or with more interesting time signatures, lyrics and ideas, than your average pop or rock song, then I’d say a lot of my music originates in that way, especially my older tracks, many of which have had to be modified a little, in order to make them more radio friendly, but without compromising my overall style.

– When you record a song and give it a listen, what are usually your first thoughts?
I have many thoughts and many decisions to make when writing and recording. I am the type of person who often has to think of all decisions humanly possible before attempting to narrow them all down to one or two. It’s the way my brain works in all aspects of life and it does make things harder for myself than they need to be, but I believe that if you consider as many possibilities and choices as possible, you will eventually end up with the best combination of choices, even if it takes you longer and drives you insane to reach it, which is why not everyone chooses to think this way. So my first thoughts are always, how can I improve this track until I can improve it no more. When I can listen to a finished track and not have any part of it annoy me by wishing I had done something slightly differently, then I am happy. When I am happy listening, then I enjoy my music more than any other music simply because I have decided exactly what I want to listen to.

– I hear in your songs early Marillion’s vibe, and early U2 too. Are these bands your main influences?
To be honest I have never been much of a fan of Marillion. Not because I didn’t think they were good, but because I don’t know much of their material, due to not being overly “caught” by the few tracks of theirs I heard, although I realize they were great musicians. I do like some classic U2 of old, but I would not say they were a huge influence in my music either. Perhaps The Edge’s guitar style has been a little, again in a subconscious way, as well as some aspects of their underlying driving bass lines, but not in any way that I would say sound familiar to any of my particular tracks.

– What’s the main reason you create music?
The main reason I create music is to satisfy my urge and passion to create something new, work on it, improve it, finish it, enjoy it, be proud of it and hope others like and respect it too. It gives me a great sense of achievement and accomplishment as well always learning new things and being great fun along the way.

– Are you a one man band or you’ve got the band? Your songs sound like a music created by band, not one person…
I compose, write, arrange and perform all my own music and lyrics myself. In the studio my good friend and engineer/producer Rob Mancini takes care of getting all the engineering side technically correct, so I can concentrate on the artistic side and we both input on the production, although all final decisions are my own. It is interesting that you thought my music sounds like it is created by a band, but so far anyway, it was all myself. I do plan to get a band together at some point to play either these songs or perhaps some new ones, for a different project. We shall see.

– What are your music plans for the second half of year 2015?
My plans for 2015 are to keep writing and recording new music. I have a new track just released called “Invisible”. I also am working on a new track called “Magic” which should be ready soon. I tend to write and release one track at a time at the moment. The digital revolution and social media have given rise to so many distractions to compete with for fans who want to consume new music constantly, that it seems that the new model is to release tracks regularly instead of making fans wait months or years for a new album, although, I hope to release a second album soon too. Perhaps I will also get around to finding musicians who’d like to get together and play my crazy music in a live environment. I have been told that my music would suit an arena type show, to which many cool and original elements to do with my song themes and lyrics could be added, as a spectacular show. Some day I hope to get there.

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